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From a very early age, I had a passion.

I wasn't sure that I was an artist, but I knew that I could take people's ideas, and mine, and could make them visual.    My mother insisted that I needed to have a college degree to fall back on if the 'artist gig' didn't work out.  So, I went to Woodbury University  and studied art and business.  I thrived in the creative environment, and the business minor gave me a real life perception of the clients that I would eventually work with.

With my passion for painting and design and my eye for color, I have become recognized as an outstanding graphic artist.  I have an ability to know what a client wants before they even know themselves.  I guide them seamlessly through the design process from concept to completion, handling every detail along the way.

By the way, Lloyd, my goat is one of my inspirations and a source of peace and laughter.  Besides, who else do you know that has a goat?

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